Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sleep Well...Tonight!

According to Fitness magazine (2015) tonight is "the night during which you're most likely to toss and turn this month".  They claim this is due to the full moon!  Recent sleep studies, they explain, have shown that women experience a 15% decrease in sleep quality when the moon is full, due to their lunar clocks keeping them awake at night. 

Well this just bites for those of us that don't get enough sleep as it is!! And let's face it, most of us can't afford to lose any more of those precious zzz's.  I cannot remember the last time I got a good nights sleep...probably about a year ago before little guy was born, before pregnancy, and maybe even longer.  So with that in mind I felt it was my duty to inform you all about this unfortunate situation and of course arm you with a few of my most effective tips to get the most out of your sleep tonight.

"Unplug" at least an hour before bedtime.  Shut off the television, step away from the computer, put down the cell phone.

Calm down with a cup of tea such as chamomile or peppermint.

Relax with lavender.  Try lighting a candle, putting on lotion, or adding it to a warm bath.
Play some white noise or soft music. Free apps can be easily downloaded for your computer or smart phone.

Clear your mind by writing in a journal or meditating.

Create a comfy and sleep-inspiring environment by splurging on quality bedroom furniture, linens, and pillows.

Open a window (if the weather allows!) to allow some fresh air into the room.

And my personal favorite: yoga!  Try one of these great sleep inducing routines:

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  1. It is essential to unplug before bed! However I do read on a Paperwhite Kindle. I prefer to read fiction before sleep.

    1. I find reading to be very helpful in unwinding before bed. But I do agree, certain genres are more preferable, and relaxing, than others. I am a paper-back book kind of girl...haven't gotten into the ereaders so I'm interested in your input. Do you find the paperwhite version to be as similar to print in regards to ease on your eyes as they claim?