Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mooo...Let's Celebrate National Dairy Month!

           For those of you that know me well this post may come as a surprise since I have always hated milk!  I do realize the importance of dairy in the provides calcium and eight other essential nutrients the body needs.  Milk consumption has been promoted as beneficial in weight management, bone health, and cardiovascular health just to name a few. (For more information on milk and nutrition check out the resources below.)  Even though I refuse to sit down and drink a glass of milk, I find other ways to get my 3 cups per day.  I will use milk in my cereal and smoothies.  I also enjoy cheese, yogurt, and of course ice cream!

           Now there are many ways to go out and celebrate National Dairy Month.  This sounds like an excuse to hit up the ice cream stand every day, but that could also be the pregnancy cravings talking!  Instead, why not give the gift of milk to those that need it most?  The Great American Milk Drive is a nationwide program that provides individuals with the opportunity to donate milk to local food banks.  Just log on to and donate today!


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