Monday, June 9, 2014

Lilacs...Beautiful, Fragrant, and Delicious!

          The lilacs around our house were particularly pretty this spring.  We had bushes of both white and deep purple that were just full with bunches of blossoms.  I loved being able to smell them as soon as I stepped out the door.  We also snipped bunches for bouquets to enjoy indoors as well while they lasted.  I just could not get enough of them...that is until I stumbled across a recipe for lilac jelly.  I didn't even know lilacs were edible!  After some additional research to make sure that they indeed were I was intrigued with the possibilities and the fact that now I could get my lilac fix all year long.  

          I set out right away to get the ingredients I needed for the recipe that I had found here: Lost Past Remembered-Summer begins with lilac jelly and croissants in a little corner of heaven..  Before I could even begin I had to remove the blossoms from their stems which was somewhat tedious work, but kind of fun as well if that makes any sense.  Then I set out to actually making the jelly.  I used just plain water with mine since I was very curious as to how the lilac would taste itself and didn't want its flavor to be hidden by the juice or wine as the recipe suggests.  I failed to read the part about using additional pectin to get a thicker jelly-like consistency so I ended up with a syrup instead.  It came out in a beautiful pinkish color and the taste was incredible so I wasn't in the least bit disappointed!  Instead I started dreaming up ways to use the syrup. We tried it on pancakes, over ice cream, as a dressing for fruit salad, and my absolute favorite: lilac iced tea.

          To make this wonderful beverage I brewed a pitcher of iced tea using 3 early grey tea bags and let it cool.  Then I filled a glass with ice, put in about 2-3 squirts of the lilac syrup, added a lemon slice, and poured the early grey tea over top.  Not only was it incredibly refreshing and yummy, but pretty too!

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