Saturday, April 4, 2015

Baby-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas (a.k.a. not candy!)

It's little guy's first Easter and I am so excited to do the Easter egg and basket hunt!  Even though he will likely need a little help this year, I am sure he will have fun crawling around and discovering his new toys and treats.  At first it seemed difficult finding enough items to fill his Easter basket...of course you can't put the typical fare of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow treats in there (that's not my style anyways), but once I got into it I must confess I went a little overboard! 

As always I wanted to put my wellness spin on it so I decided to do a basket dedicated to Summer fun and safety...items that we can't necessarily enjoy right away, but will provide us with great times and memories this coming Summer, while being safe and healthy too! 

When we were younger our Easter baskets always had Summer-inspired things in them so this was also a fun nod to my childhood.  We always got a new outfit and swim suits too, so of course that was all the reason I needed to hit the baby clothes isle in search of a few cute things!

So for anyone else stuck on Easter basket ideas for their baby, from birth to one year, I compiled a list of ideas that are appropriate for their age and you can feel good about giving them too.

Baby-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas:
  • Summer clothes: shorts and tee shirts or onesies. 
  • Swim trunks (or suits for girls).
  • Accessories: hats and sunglasses (try to find ones that will actually protect their eyes).
  • Sunblock for babies. 
  • Little swimmers and floaties: if baby plans one being a little fish this Summer.
  • Snacks: Finger foods like cereal, fruit & veggie puffs, or yogurt melts, if your baby is at this stage.
  • Bottles or sippy cups: depending on your baby's age.
  • Bottle cozies: keep their drinks cool in the summer heat.
  • Books: always a great idea regardless of season.
  • Bubbles: even though they can't blow them they'll love to watch you and play with them.
  • Teething toys.
  • Stuffed animals: an Easter favorite of ours are the little chicks that chirp when you hold them in your hand.  I can't wait to see little guy's reaction to them!
  • Sand bucket and tools.
  • Keepsakes: don't forget something commemorating "Baby's 1st Easter"!
 Have any other Easter ideas for our wee ones?  Please share, we love to hear them!

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