Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Packing a "Healthy Trip Kit"

There's no doubt about are awesome!  Whether it's an impromptu road trip, a week at the beach, or a weekend at the cabin the idea is to take a break, have fun, and relax.  Ideally you come back home afterwards with tons of great memories and feeling refreshed.  Though sometimes between lost luggage, turnpike traffic and wrong turns, happy hour specials and all-you-can-eat buffets you come home feeling exhausted and unwell.  

Recently I took a quick trip to the Massachusetts' coast for a wedding.  With the exception of the wedding itself (I could not pass up the amazing food and a few glasses of champagne!)  I did not want to completely undo all of the hard work I have done lately to lose weight.  So I packed this handy little bag to help me make healthy choices during the rest of the trip and have all of my wellness essentials on hand to keep my vacation from getting the best of me...and you can to!

Once you gather all of your essentials, place them in an easy to grab tote or carry-all like this one that can be relocated from the car to the hotel room for convenient access!

Packing List:
Healthy Snacks
Choose ones that are shelf stable unless you know you will be able to keep them cool both during the trip and at your destination.  For this trip I packed crackers, granola bars, fresh fruit, and little packets of almond butter.

Healthy Drinks
I took a case of bottled water for drinking and avoiding the temptation of grabbing a soda from the gas station or rest stop vending machines.  You can include some those drink mix packets if you feel you will get tired of just plain water.  It turned out to be useful alternatively for rinsing off pacifiers and toys during the car ride also!

Depending on your trip and how you packed, sneakers may not be in the suitcase.  Plus, having them out and easily accessible for quick changing can help if you stumble across a nice place to stop and stretch your legs along the way or find a great running path (or the beach!) near your hotel. Bonus workout!

First Aid/Other Essentials
It's also not a bad idea to have a few necessities on hand so you don't have to run to a store or overpay for them at convenience marts.  I packed a box of tissues, hand sanitizer and wipes, hand lotion, tylenol, tums, and just never know when you may need them!

Weather Accessories
For this trip I took sunglasses and an umbrella, but during the summer a bottle of sunscreen would be in here too.  This one was a given cause I keep them in my car so they are usually handy, but if you are flying or riding in another vehicle they can be easy to forget.  The weather can be hard to predict so being prepared so you are not caught under the glare of a blazing sun or drenched in the rain can make or break a trip.

DISCLAIMER: The content on this blog,, represents the thoughts, ideas, and experiences of its author and should be taken as such…with a grain of salt.  It is for entertainment purposes only and not intended to prevent, diagnose, or cure.  Before trying any new physical activity, dietary plan, supplementation, complementary and alternative therapy, or other wellness tip please seek the guidance of a qualified professional.

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