Friday, March 20, 2015

Four Reasons to LOVE Spring! Once it comes...

Well it's the first day of Spring, the birds are chirping, the crocuses are poking up through the ground, and snowflakes are falling...I think Mother Nature is confused.  To help her out (and provide some hope for the rest of us) I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from previous Springs.

Just before Spring also happens to be one of my favorite holidays...St. Patrick's Day!  Unfortunately this year between term papers, work, and just coming back from vacation I didn't get to celebrate or share any fun posts with you's to next year!

You may wonder what this has to do with health and wellness.  Well the first day of Spring is a big deal to me.  Spring has always felt like "my time" a time of renewal.  I begin to feel energized!  And these four reasons here are why.

1.  It's time to get outside.  After being couped up inside all Winter you can finally get outdoors and get active again.  I can't wait to go for walks, bicycle rides, and hikes, and this year take little guy to the park to play!  Not to mention the fresh air and warm sun feels amazing.

2.  It's time for gardening.  I like to plant a few flowers and lots of herbs to use fresh throughout the summer and also freeze for later.  The vegetable garden is my dad's thing...but I like to provide input and pitch in there too when I can!

3.  The farmer's markets return.  I get really excited about this one.  I am fortunate to have a couple good grocery stores nearby that I can buy quality produce from year-round, but there is nothing like buying it in the peak of their seasons directly from the farmers themselves.  We make a day of it, waking up early to get there while the selection is still plenty, buying breakfast and coffee from local vendors, just walking around enjoying the people and sights, and of course filling our shopping bags!

4.  It's time for new life.  In Springtime everything is welcoming new life from the buds appearing on trees to the birth of baby animals.  I look forward to Spring breathing a little fresh life into me each year as well.

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