Sunday, February 8, 2015

Let's Dance!

So how do you know that I have started classes again?? I don't have the time to post as much!  I also don't have as much time to work out, but I think I have found a solution for that.  The other day as the little man and I were waiting for his bottle to warm up I got an idea...

Normally during this time he is less than happy to say the least.  When he decides he's hungry, he's hungry NOW!  So after about two rounds of singing "Baby Beluga" and dancing along I noticed that our bouncing and twirling seemed to be doing the trick. 

Why should fathers and their little girls have all the fun!?

So now my little man and I have taken to dancing (or at least our loose interpretation of it) on a regular basis.  The great part is...not only is he happily entertained but mommy gets to sneak in a little bit of exercise too! 

The bottle warmer we use takes about four minutes to do its thing.  Those four minutes per bottle times roughly eight or nine bottles equals up to over half an hour by the end of the day! And when it comes to being active every minute counts right?

I happen to think dancing is a great work out and apparently I am not alone, just look at how popular Zumba has become.  It's not only fun, but according to Women's Health magazine it can help you physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.  For more detailed information on the many benefits to be gained from busting out a few moves read their article here: 

Now if you will excuse me, I have a dance date and a bottle to warm up :)

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