Thursday, November 6, 2014

Recharging Your Batteries

The end of October was absolutely crazy for me. I was working on two final projects for school (one that just about did me in) and had deadlines to meet for not one but two newsletters I organize for school.  Plus on top of it all I was getting extra shifts at work.  Simultaneously trying to get everything done, and well, while fighting to fit in quality time with my little pumpkin had me utterly exhausted and stressed to the max.

Then the glorious day came last Tuesday when everything was turned in and I had two weeks until classes started again.  I could finally take a much needed breath and "recharge my batteries" so to speak.  To me this means taking a break in order to destress and nurture my physical and mental wellness.  That way once well rested and refreshed I will be ready to get back into the swing of things with a clear mind and positive attitude.

The first day I did absolutely nothing but hang out with my little man at home all day...and it was PERFECT!  I needed this time to connect with him, I hadn't realized how much I had missed my pumpkin while I was throwing myself into my work for those few days.  I decided to devote the following two weeks to spending time with him and came up with our Recharge Your Batteries Bucket List.  The criteria for the activities I included on it was that they had to be simple, relaxing, fun, and make you feel good.

Recharge Your Batteries Bucket List:
1. Spend a whole day snuggling and playing in our jammies.  This was day number one and by far my favorite!

2. Cook or bake something(s) we have been wanting to try (aka. finally get to all those Pinterest pins!).

3. Go for a walk(s) around town.  We noticed so many neat places that we typically drive right by.  Not to mention I got a killer cup of coffee that didn't hurt either!

4. Catch up with friends and family.  It is all too easy to forget them when things are busy so this was a perfect time to hang out and visit them all.

5. Complete a service project. We participated in both a local food drive and also the Jared Box Project.

6. Start our holiday shopping.  This seems odd but I just love getting gifts for people (expect to hear more on this in the near future) so this was fun for me!

7. Take as many silly photos as possible to laugh at later...quite possibly the easiest and quickest way to bust out of a bad mood.

8. Read books together.  Reading is good for the soul and it's exciting to see how engaged little man is in the stories at such a young age.

9. Writing.  This one sounds contradictory...wasn't I just complaining about writing papers??  Well I mean a different kind of writing, the kind I enjoy like writing pieces for the newsletter or blogging!

10.  Try "Mommy & Me" yoga.   Yoga has always been my go-to for relieving stress and revitalizing the mind and body.  It played such an important role in my wellness throughout pregnancy and I am anxious to teach it to my little boy...although currently his "poses" are more accidental it's a start!

11.  Cleaning out the closet.  While this one may not seem "fun" exactly it can be incredibly freeing to get rid of things you no longer need, which in my case was a ton of clothes between me and my rapidly growing baby that no longer fit.

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